Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Canadian Liberty...Lost...Regained...Lost Again

On February 4, I sent this email to the Canadian Action Party prompted by a newsletter I'd received from them:

Although I'm not a Canadian, I've been on your mailing list for awhile. We definitely have a common enemy in NAFTA and the NAU. I'm sure you're aware that the consolidation of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico is only phase one. The rest of North and Central America will be brought under the thumb later.

I was curious. How does the CAP stand on Canada's relationship to England. It's my personal belief that England, especially the Bank of England, has run America since shortly after the Revolutionary (Secessionary) War. When Hamilton and Washington set up "our" first national bank liberty was doomed. I know your connection to England is more open, at least on the surface. How deep does it run? Is the Bank of Canada a part of the international banking cartel?

I received this response from Tim McCormick, Executive Director, Canadian Action Party:

Agreed, NAFTA has done nothing but harm to decent, honest, hardworking Americans and Canadians, while enriching the top 1%.

Strangely enough Rick, we the taxpayers own the Bank of Canada. It was started by the same money powers behind the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve in 1935, but Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King realized the importance of the government having monetary control. He nationalized it in 1938 and we used it until 1972 experiencing the countries most productive years. However, in 1972, we were persuaded to take a seat at the G8 which required us to outsource for government borrowing. Our deficit went from 15 billion to 588 in about 20 years and remains over half a trillion today. For a country of 35 million, that's a lot of money, but of course I don't have to tell you about debt or the dire consequences it can have on the future of society.

Our number one platform issue is monetary control followed by sovereignty (ending NAFTA). We are a no nonsense truth telling party. We are anti-war and very leary of the corporate assimilation of Canada, North America and the world. Many CAP members are admirers of Ron Paul because of his stance on monetary policy, the corporate agenda and the military.

There it is. Full circle from monetary slavery to liberty and back to monetary slavery.

For a very short time, the United States was a beacon of freedom to guide the world. That beacon was quickly extinguished by Hamilton and the bankers. All Americans should pray for the success of the Canadian Action Party. If it can restore economic freedom to the Canadian people and their country, Canada may one day be a beacon to guide us back to freedom.

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