Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Prophecy from England

I received an email from a friend of liberty containing the prophetic words of an Englishman awakened to all the “benefits” of the EU. I say “prophetic” because this will also be our fate if we allow the traitors without and within our government to continue to push for the North American Union. Don't believe for an instant that it'll just be a trade union. Remember that the EU began with the Common Market, then went to a common currency, and now complete loss of liberty and national sovereignty. Remember, too, that the NAU will not stop with merger into Canada and Mexico, but will include Central America and Greenland at a minimum. That is the case unless the plan the globalists outlined in 1941 has changed. That is unlikely. It will be the case unless we, the people, get off our butts and stop it.


A cry of pain from a great Englishman.

To U.S. citizens,

This should be a warning against allowing REGIONAL UNIFICATION of sovereign nations, especially in so-called Common Markets and/or Free Trade Agreements. These were the schemes used that eventually brought Great Britain and other European nations into a European Union, run from its capital in Brussels.


Politicians cannot be in doubt about the reasons for low turnouts at elections.

The reasons are numerous but basically built upon distrust. Ever since entry into the Common Market we have been spoon fed propaganda and outright lies no matter whichever party has been in government. It is not only committment to the undemocratic EU that is at fault but the poor quality of so many of our self centred elected representatives added to class divisions.

The majority of national politicians have proved ineffective or unwilling to stop the rot that has undermined our Parliament. They have allowed a system to dominate alien to our own Constitution and ignored the wishes of the public more than half of the public who now want to be out of the EU. The fact that the Labour executive now governs through the media and not through time homoured democratic institutions and Parliamentary procedures fills me with dismay. The near empty benches of the Commons for all but half an hour each week, the bullying power of the Whips, the growth of Select Committees also often poorly attended, the near farce of the European Scrutiny Committee, the growth of political correctness and supression of freedom of speech, the planting of questions, the avoidance of our unelected Prime Minister to answer except by waffle, the selection process of MP candidates to guarantee submission to executive will, the growth of corruption, the disgraceful yahoo atmosphere within the Commons on Wednesdays, the increase of holidays, the "fact finding" tours abroad, all saddened me and make me wonder how long it will take to restore the authority of our Parliament and the right to govern our own country free from alien jurisdiction.

It would appear that the most influential politicians of all main parties have conspired for years to take the Great out of Great Britain by reducing morale in the UK and making more and more of our young people want to leave this country of ours.

The answer, and surely there is one, is for more people to exercise their vote and not to give career candidates and sitting MPs the means to further deny us our rights whilst they arrogantly ignore us. We have to at the next general election set aside tribal allegiances to all parties and thoroughly consider the character, ethics and determination of individual candidates. The will of the British public will only be carried in the next Parliament by sending to Westminster people of the right incorruptible character determined to vote on their own consciences and the will of their constituents, let alone honour their mandate so badly betrayed in the past by all the main parties.

Surely we have had enough of our lives being dominted by Brussels just as we have watched our Crown, Parliament, Courts and people being bye-passed by legislation we cannot prevent ever since Edward Heath introduced Clause 2:1 in the 1973 EC Act which gave blanket approval for all such legislation to be made law in the UK "without further encactment."

I find it hard to believe the suffering that our ancestors endured to fight for liberty and freedom throughout Europe at such high cost to our country and families only to see those freedoms given away.

When I speak of my dismay I strongly object to those questionnable people who are parachuted into the Lords either to enable them to sit in Cabinet or as a reward for services to trade unions That service caused our trade unions along with the 1970s and 1980s Labour party to turn away from not wanting to be in the Common Market because people like Jacques Delors promised them a future future which they now find to their great financial advantage by sitting on the red leather in the House of Lords. If we are to reform the Lords let us start by stop using the place as a political dustbin now accommodating people such as the Kinnocks and Mandelson to name only three.

It is within the power of every British person to rescue our Parliament once they begin to understand that sovereignty and power rests with the British people and that we all decide to whom we lend that pwer ever five years or so. Let the hoodwinking, spin and propaganda be brought to an end by casting out of Parliament at the next general election those who pretend but will not listen to the British people to act upon our right to make our own laws. This is not "isolationism" or "xenophobic" for we continue to be at the heart , not of the EU because that is another fabrication, but at the heart of democracy, freedom and liberty, maintaining friendly relationships with other countries whilst respecting national. political, legal, cultural and religous differences.

To put the Great back into Great Britain is not to infer any superiority but simply to assert our values, traditions and customs built over centuries often by the blood shed by our people and Commonwealth allies willing to die in defence of those principles.

Our children and too many adults were deliberately not taught our Constition at school. Here we are now with an entrapment EU Constitution on our threshhold and a new and p[otentially dangerous Constitution Reform Bill to come soon before Parliament.

Whether we are soon to see an end to Britain as we have known it in the past or a new beginning is yet to be seen but it will rest upon the British people and not by what we have been shackled these past thirty years or so. Those who have done nothing to protest will hopefully soon be stirred to take democratic action rather than do nothing as though "politics" has nothing to do with them or the future of their children.

George West
Campaign for an Independent Britain


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  1. Please get hold of "" to appear on George Noory's show (usually an hour, or so). (3-4 million regular listeners...and growing)

    [Tell them that one of GeorgeNoory's and American people's greatest all-time fans will hold his breath for 4 minutes, if they have you on as a guest]

    One of his last guests recommended that Americans vote-out encumbent US Senators; to send message to anyone concerned, that the American people want their government back (good ones can be re-elected following election).

  2. Gotta be honest. I never heard of George Noory. Also, I don't know what I'd talk about. I'd probably get phone (stage) fright. It's been a long time since I've done any public speaking.

    I'll check out the link you gave me. I no case would I even consider being a call in guest if he's another talking head of the right or left like Limbaugh or Moore. They're only there to keep people divided.

    I don't recommend voting out incumbent Senators. I recommend repealing the 17th Amendment and putting the Senate back under State control. There it can be a check against federal expansion as intented.

    I've lost all hope for getting good people in office. The key is to limit the power of government and thereby limit the damage office holders, elected or appointed, can do.

    How do you feel about Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans being citizens of one country? You can get an idea of what to expect from the North American Union when you see what England is now going through. George West and his allies are fighting the European Union. It remains to be seen if they are too late.