Friday, September 10, 2010

Still Working The Plan

Still Working The Plan

In a recent UK Financial Times' article, Times writers Whipp and Anderlini reported that China is on its way to passing Japan as the world's second largest economy.

Understandably, Japan's per capita GDP remains well ahead of China's.

Regardless of the per capita standings, according to the Times reporters, Cornell professor Eswar Prasad, a former head of the China division of the IMF said China passed Japan in influence and dynamism long ago.

I don't think anyone should be surprised. We've been working for decades to make China the premier economic and military power in Asia. This is being done to facilitate creation of the United Republics of China encompassing most of Asia as depicted in the New World Moral Order map and plan from 1941-42. I noted that this was going to happen when I first posted segments of the map in various political discussion group galleries some 15 years ago.

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