Saturday, March 3, 2012

Then and Now

While cleaning a storage space last week, I found this pamphlet I'd published when I ran for PA General Assembly sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. For the most part, my positions haven't changed, although I do have a little better understanding of what is going on than I did then. For instance, I said here that we would lose our freedom. That came from a na├»ve viewpoint. I now realize we lost our freedom in 1913 – maybe we never really had it. I also no longer believe it is enough to simply throw out those who do not listen to us. The only choices the Republican and Democratic Party give us are the same and more of the same. The Republican wing of our ruling party could give us a choice this time in Ron Paul, but they won't. He speaks too much truth for the powers that be to tolerate, so he is ignored as much as possible. We will be offered lily white Zionists to replace the off-white Zionist we have. Whoever we elect will remain steadfastly loyal to Israel and send our young people to die for her just as the Tories sent our young to die for England in two world wars. Besides, when we throw “the rascals out”, those they served will have nice, well paid jobs for them as a reward for the service rendered and for betraying America, the people, and the people of the world.

One other important thing. I was completely taken in by the Commie vs. us dog and pony show. I now realize that Communism, like the other major socialisms, Fabianism, National Socialism, and Fascism is totally owned and operated by the financial capitalists and used as a tool to herd all of us. The enemy has been within since Hamilton and Washington set up the national bank against the advice of Jefferson.

Here are my positions. It should be obvious that I wasn't expecting to get many votes. Human nature being what it is, most people will go down the list and, no matter how many things they agree with, they will find something they disagree with that will cause them to vote Republican or Democrat. After all, the Reps and Dems stood firmly for Baseball, Motherhood, and Apple Pie. What American could disagree with those?



The following are my views on issues which I believe are among the most important facing us.

I have straddled no fences. I have presented a straight forward stand on each issue.

In each case, my stand is founded on principle and is not subject to change for political expediency.

General- I believe we, as parents, must bear a large part of the blame for the failures of our educational system. We have not payed enough attention to our children's progress (or lack of progress) nor have we voiced sufficient objection to the havoc being wreaked by the so called "progressives" in our educational system. We must stop teaching children how to analyze and find fault with themselves and their parents and teach them how to read and write and to have confidence in themselves and respect for their parents.
Busing- I am militantly opposed to busing for integration, either by direct means or by underhanded methods such as magnet schools. The busing orders issued by the courts are illegal. Even the unconstitutional "Civil Rights Act of 1964" states, "desegregation shall not mean the assignment of students to public schools in order to overcome racial imbalance." I firmly believe that if we are too weak to fight for the safety and well being of our children, then we no longer deserve, and most certainly will lose, our freedom.
State and Federal Aid? to Education- A nice phrase meaning interference with and control of our schools. I think it should be stopped. It is interesting to note that public schools are spending more and more money but are teaching less and less, while private schools are maintaining their high standards with comparatively less money. State and federally mandated programs are wasting our money and hurting our schools. We are selling the right to control our schools locally for our own tax money. If the state and federal governments have revenue to "share" then they are taking too much to begin with. I favor repeal of the state income tax and a reduction of the sales tax. The Federal Government should reduce taxes and institute a voucher system. These measures would aid all schools and taxpayers without sacrificing control over our schools and our children.

I am opposed to a state subsidized mass transit system. One SEPTA mess is too much. Regardless of whether we use the system or not, we pay part of the fare for those who do. I believe each of us should pay his own way. The inevitable result of a government operated, taxpayer subsidized mass transit will be the limitation of auto ownership to a wealthy elite. You and I will ride the bus or walk.
This is a local matter best left to the people who know their community and not to the "masterplanners" in Harrisburg. I strongly resent the forced growth and land grab programs being forced on us by Washington and Harrisburg.

I am against abortion except in life for life situations. It is curious that the same "liberals" who cry out for mercy for convicted cold blooded murderers, who call the death penalty for monsters such as Manson "cruel and unusual punishment," can advocate imposing the death penalty on unborn, innocent babies. They say a woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body. That's fine, but I know of no woman who would submit her own body to the torture that the infant is subjected to when aborted. It is not her body that is cut to pieces or pickled alive, it is the body of an unborn child that receives such treatment. I realize that unborn children have no vote, but I intend to fight for the child's right to live, the women who would abort will have to look elsewhere for representation.

I believe in severe penalties for serious crimes, including the death penalty for murder. It is another curious matter that the politicians who said that the death penalty was not a deterent, passed laws permitting the death penalty for those who murder, you guessed it, politicians. Sounds like Orwell's "All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others."


Welfare is a monster that feeds on itself. The larger the welfare lines grow, the worse our economic situation becomes and the longer the welfare lines grow, in an unending circle. New York City has shown this. I favor a gradual cut-back of all state welfare programs to the barest minimum necessary to support those who truly cannot support themselves. I would cut the number of offices for complaints in half immediately.

The worst thing the American people can do is allow the government to take away their right to keep and bear arms. Without that right, all other rights become privileges, extended or retracted at the whim of the government. Crime is on the rise, not because we have guns, but because the courts are playing "Patty-Cake" with convicted criminals.

Personal- I am registered and active with the Constitutional Party. I joined the Constitutional Party when I realized that there was little hope of clearing the muddy, polluted waters of the Republican and Democratic Party.
General- I think the high number of unregistered people is a disgrace. I realize that many people are disgustedwith what is happening but that is no excuse for not register-ing or not voting. The American way is to fight harder when you are down, not to quit. Politicians don't give a damn what we think if we are not registered. They'll behave only if they know that if they don't, then we will work hard to throw them out. We must stop waiting for someone to "give" us good government. Like everything else worthwhile it must be earned. We can earn it by becoming informed, registering, and voting in every election. We should work for and actively support the candidates of our choice and, if we are not satisfied with those who are running, then we should run ourselves.

I believe that the candidates offered by the Republican and Democratic Party are carbon copies of those who have put us in the hole. If we don't start throwing the grave diggers out of Washington, they will soon bury us. We need strong, courageous, and consistant foreign policy to win back our friends and regain our lost position of world leadership. At home we need to get "big brother" off our backs and return to sound economic policies rather than Utopian daydreams. I feel that the Constitutional Party candidate, Bob Graham, is the only candidate for the 8th District who is both able and willing to work toward a sensible solution to our foreign and domestic problems.

The elected and appointed officials from the Republican and Democratic Party have compiled the following record:
-Government created inflation which has destroyed the value of the savings and pensions of our old people.
-Virtual bankruptcy of our cities, states, and federal governments and the amassing of huge deficits which will be borne by our children.
-Neglect of our National Defense and slandering and deserting our allies while aiding our enemies and helping to build their military might.
-The murder of our sons in deliberate no win wars that sap our strength, weaken our will to resist, and encourage the Communists to further their global plans of aggression.
-Rapidly increasing crime in our streets caused by leniency in the courts and in the penal system.
-Busing of our children into hostile neighborhoods against our wishes.
-Stealing between 40% and 50% of our incomes and literally taxing us out of our 

The next time a politician says he is running on his record, hit him with an egg.


One last thing. This was not on the pamphlet. I ran as an independent to support our Constitutional Party candidate for Congress. The election laws are so written that, even if a third (second?) party does get on the ballot, it will be almost impossible to maintain that ballot position unless they have a lot of money behind them. In this case, we didn't have sufficient registration for us to run a candidate in my district, nor did we have the funds to conduct a registration drive.

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