Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boycott Seattle

“City Council backs Arizona boycott,” News, May 18. So read a headline concerning the actions of the Seattle City Council. They were, of course, completely out of line.

According to an Associated Press release printed in the Seattle Times, the Seattle City Council voted 7-0 Monday to boycott Arizona. In so doing they've joined cities such as L.A., San Diego, and Austin in urging boycotts or protests against Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law.

The Times notes the hypocrisy in the Council's boycott. It was written, says the paper, “to protect the only substantial contract Seattle has with an Arizona company - a $106,000-a-month deal with American Traffic Solutions.”

Seattle, sitting “Way Up North” can have no idea of the problems illegal immigration causes a border state like Arizona. True, Washington is also a “border” state, but the “flood” of illegal immigrants seeking to escape Canada for a better life in the U.S. has not yet become such a serious problem to Washington as the Mexican illegals have become to Arizona. Arizona is bearing the brunt of the invasion, having to fight, not only the illegal immigrant traffic, but the drug trafficking that accompanies it. Naturally, the cry “racism” can be heard. Trying to stop people from entering the country illegally is now “racist.”

Also emulating the Boy Who Cried “Racist,” the Los Angeles' resolution claims that the Arizona law “encourages racial profiling.” May we presume this could be solved by instructing police to stop only Eskimos to see if they are illegal Mexican aliens?

Many Seattle residents have written letters to the editor opposing this action of the council. They say, and rightfully, that neither the city of Seattle nor the State of Washington has any right to interfere in the laws of another State. Some have even suggested that under the circumstances other States and cities might boycott Seattle and/or Washington State. I think that's a great idea!

I, for one, will never drink a cup of Starbucks coffee again. I'd like to add that I will never travel to Seattle, but—who would want to? Maybe rain wear or umbrella manufacturers might want to hold a convention there, but other than that the place is only fit for ducks.

I believe I saw this “joke” in Reader's Digest. A woman moves to Seattle. It rains every day for a week. She looks out of her apartment window and sees a little boy sitting on the building's steps in the rain. Frustrated to the point she can hardly bear it, she calls down, “Little boy! Does it ever stop raining here?” The little boy answers, “I don't know, lady. I'm only six.”

I will also try to avoid products of L.A., San Diego, and Austin.

The url for the Seattle Times is:
Please don't use it unless you absolutely have to!

While we're boycotting the creep cities, how about giving some support to the Arizona Cattlemen's Association whose members are manning the front line in the American people's war against illegal invasion. They're fighting a tough fight with illegals in front and traitors at the rear.

Thursday, May 20, 2010
Please go to the web site below and endorse the Restore Our Border (ROB) plan named for Rob Krentz who was murdered by an illegal alien on his own land. The Arizona Cattle Growers need lots of endorsements.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  1. I already boycott Seattle because it is a cesspool. But I am with you on your support of Arizona.

    Keep your spirits up Phreedom Phan, I think a new awareness is starting.